A brief introduction to the dry cleaning process at Denawash.

From start to finish:

From a customer's point of view, it's a somehow simple, nice and easy process:

You drop your clothes off at the cleaners, then pick them up - all fresh, spotless and wrinkle-free - in a couple of days.
But have you ever wondered how dry-cleaning actually works, or exactly how much skill and labor is involved in making your garments look like brand new?

Your clothes at Denawash go through five important steps:

· Tagging and inspection
– When you entrust your clothing to the care of our hands, your order gets identified. This simply means counting the items and describing them (e.g. Trousers, Jackets, Shirts), noting the date they were left and the date they'll be due for pick up. Next, a small tag is attached to each piece of clothing. The tag remains fixed to the garment during the entire dry-cleaning process so we could track your order.

· Pre-treatment – the next thing we do with your clothes is look for stains and treat them to make removal easier and more complete.

· Dry cleaning – At this point, your clothes are placed in a machine and cleaned with a solvent. At Denawash, we use organic solvents to clean your garments and follow Coventry City Council’s closely monitored Pollution Prevention and Control guidelines. (Permit No. 176)

Generally, the drycleaning machine is a motor-driven cleaner/extractor/dryer that holds clothes or fabrics in a rotating, perforated stainless-steel basket. As the items rotate, there is a constant flow of clean solvent from a pump and filter system. The clothes are immersed in the solvent, which is pumped continuously through the filter and re-circulated free and clear of dirt that gets trapped in the filter. The next cycle drains and spins the clothes to expel the solvent, and then goes into a dry cycle, circulating warm air through the clothes. Any remaining solvent is vaporized by the warm air and condensed over cooling coils and eventually recycled back into the machine tanks.

· Post-spotting – During this step, any remaining stains are removed from clothing using a sophisticated cleaning processes utilizing steam, water, air, and vacuum.

· Finishing
– The final phase of dry-cleaning process includes pressing, steaming, ironing, and making any necessary repairs to restore a garment. At Denawash, we use a gentle hand-ironing method to give your garments the meticulous care and the hand finished look they deserve.

As you can see, dry cleaning is a sophisticated, technologically advanced process. But for you, it's probably never been this nice and easy.